| Can a Fireplace be Customised to Match My Home’s Aesthetic?

Fireplaces are not merely functional additions to a home; they can also serve as a focal point and contribute to the overall aesthetic of a space. With their ability to provide both warmth and visual appeal, many homeowners wonder if it’s possible to customise their fireplace to seamlessly blend with their home’s existing style and décor. The answer is a resounding yes! Customising a fireplace allows you to tailor its design elements and create a unique surround to perfectly match your home’s aesthetic.


One of the most common ways to customise a fireplace is by modifying its mantel. The mantel is a prominent feature that runs between the two legs and supports the shelf and can greatly impact the overall look of a fireplace. If you find that your current mantel is too large for your space, it can usually be shortened or modified to better suit your needs. This is usually to accommodate a particular opening size. If there is no intricate carving on the mantel that would be interfered with, it can be shortened without compromising its appearance with such an example being seen on the right.

Similarly, the legs of a fireplace can also be customised. While the legs contribute to the overall proportion and balance of the fireplace, they can often be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit with your home’s aesthetic. Shortening the legs of a fireplace can be done as long as the resulting proportions remain pleasing to the eye and there’s no interference with any distinct features. Our experienced fireplace specialists can work with you to create a design that suits your preferences while maintaining the desired visual harmony.
Similarly slips can be added to extend a mantel and accentuate existing features, though they will need to be obscured from vision as they will interrupt the appearance of the piece.
Though many fireplaces are able to be changed and altered, a great many are either impossible to change or changing them would severely impact the aesthetic value of them or they can be altered in some ways and not others. The intricate and beautiful Louis XIV surround below cannot be altered width-ways owing to the ornate, curved, self contained artistic design that would be destroyed with significant changes. The legs however can be changed with the opportunity for some inches of length to be removed from them without compromising the design.
To enhance your customisation options further, Renaissance London offers a wide range of exquisite marbles that can be used for the fireplace surround. From classic Carrara marble to unique and veiny Calacatta marbles, our collection features an array of options to complement any home’s style. Each marble slab is carefully selected for its quality and distinct patterns, ensuring that your fireplace becomes a stunning centrepiece that perfectly matches your home’s aesthetic.
When it comes to customising a fireplace, the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s adjusting the mantel, shortening the legs, selecting the perfect marble surround or choosing a jaw dropping material, you have the freedom to tailor your fireplace to harmonise with your home’s aesthetic. So take the opportunity to create a beautiful and unique fireplace that adds warmth not just to your home, but also to your heart.
Remember, a fireplace can be more than just a practical heating source; it can be a work of art that defines the ambiance of your living space. By choosing to customise your fireplace, you are making a statement about your design preferences and creating a focal point that reflects your unique style. So why settle for a standard fireplace when you can have one that is customised to perfection?